What’s So Special About Bank Street Beach?

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What’s so special about Bank Street Beach in Harwich Port? We’re so glad you asked! Okay, maybe you didn’t exactly ask, but we’re still going to tell you.

Warm Water: Gentle Surf

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Because of its geographic makeup, Cape Cod has three distinct types of beaches. “Ocean beaches” are those along the east-facing coast, many of which are part of Cape Cod National Seashore. Big waves and bracing water make swimming a challenge. “Bayside beaches” are those along the north side of the Cape, contained within the “arm” that is Cape Cod. There is little surf on these beaches, and extreme tides can mean walking half a mile from where you parked before you can dip your toes in the water.

And then there are “Sound beaches,” such as Bank Street Beach, along the south side of the Cape. Somewhat protected by the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard well south of Cape Cod, these beaches do have surf, but it is never so heavy that parents need worry about their children getting caught in an undertow. Sound beaches also have the warmest water, making them swimmable from late spring right through fall. Sounds beaches are the just right!

It’s Never Too Crowded

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Because it has limited parking reserved for residents of Harwich, Bank Street Beach is never so full of sunbathers that you feel like you don’t have enough room to spread out and enjoy a little peace and quiet, even on a sunny Saturday in the middle of the season. It is only the parking that is saved for the locals; the beach is open to anyone. With Seadar Inn located less than 100 yards from Bank Street Beach, you can just walk over. If you plan on swimming, consider setting up due south of the parking lot, where there is lifeguard protection. Prefer privacy? Just walk down the beach a bit and you’ll have the sand all to yourself.

Beyond Sunbathing

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The beach isn’t just for sitting in a chair with a good book all day (not that there’s anything wrong with that). With Bank Street Beach so close to the inn, you can easily pop over for an early morning stroll to take in the sunrise. Not much of a morning person? Head over before you go out to dinner and enjoy the sunset. You can even fish off of Bank Street Beach. Grab your rod and reel, and the bait of your choice, and head down the beach to the jetty. Cast off from the end of the jetty and you’ll be plucking bluefish and stripers in no time.

It’s quite possible we’re partial to Bank Street Beach, so much so that we call it “our beach.” But can you blame us? It’s perfect.