Would You Like to Go for a Walk?

cape cod walking trail

Because the water surrounding Cape Cod stays fairly warm well into the fall, late autumn days tend to be a tad toastier here than in other parts of Massachusetts and southern New England. With sunny days often well above 50 degrees, it’s a great time to get outside and take advantage of some of the walking trails in Harwich.

The Town of Harwich has done a spectacular job of preserving precious open space. The Harwich Conservation Trust has hundreds of acres with well-marked paths throughout the town. Download a map from the website, or access information on the go by scanning QR codes at the trailheads with your smartphone.

walking trails in Harwich

The tidal salt marsh at Bell’s Neck.

Bell’s Neck Conservation Land is easy to find. It’s on Bell’s Neck Road, just off Great Western Road, which runs past working cranberry bogs with several parking areas visible from the road. There are a total of about three miles of hard-packed walking trails (go about a mile down the road to the lot on the left if you want to hang out on the footbridge shown in the photo). April is herring season, so check out the west trailhead (it will be on your right) for a chance to glimpse the fish running. If you’re here later in the season, it’s kayak and canoe heaven. Be on the lookout for birds of prey, snowy egrets and great blue herons.

A view from the Coy's Brook Woodlands trail.

A view from the Coy’s Brook Woodlands trail.

Over on Lothrop Road is Coy’s Brook Woodlands.  It’s on the back side of Bell’s Neck, so similar views, but much less utilized. The mile-long trail winds around in a meandering circle with benches perched here and there for the best views of the water.

Happy trails to you.